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Snowball Effect ! 2013
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Snowball Effect ! 2013

Happy New Year to all my followers and friends !

IMAG1050 (3)Yep !  thats me in the summer last year :-) 
Wanted to remind us spring and summer is right around the corner ,well there might still be a little snow coming here and there but do not let that get you down ,Dan the handyman is here to help us all get through it ...
Very exciting year coming for me that is building like i am on the top of a mountain and picking up that snow and making a snowball and letting it roll down the hill That is called as many entrepreneurs would say The Snowball effect ,with Action and just doing it.
  You will grow if you never give up ,my friends Failure is not a option with you if you want it .Remember i am a true believer in one step at a time means down the road you will reap the rewards you put into it ..
Remember setting goals are key too ! and this year # 1 priorty for Dan The Handyman LLC is Capital and that is moving forward as i type , I also want those that need a little push in the right derection to look at a powerful video that changed my way of life and thinking and hope it does for you.
        No Thanking me needed , I am blessed he came into my life at this time .
                                           Thank you Mike