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Off to a Great Start 2016 !

New Year 2016

Hi To all my customers and friend's and followers around the world , I'm grateful and humbled by all your support and believing in a man and his vision , and from scratch can build a dream with action !

been in business now over 5 years and with hard work and determination last year was the first year my company has seen a little profit , To some that might not mean anything , but to others that have a small business that is a lot and they know they hit a milestone .

With that comes many more exciting things , business loans ,recognized amongst your peers , and the customer base keeps building and by the way this is without advertising ,yes my website works the magic :-) .

So there are still many goals to get to ,and I will always keep you posted when I reach them.

Remember no man is a failure when he has Friends ,followers and Customers :-)

God Speed to All that keep the torch burning for this man and his Vision !

Your Bud Dan the Handyman