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Spring is in the air :-)
New Year is welcomed with open arms 2019
2017 Here we come !
New Year 2016
2015 here i come !


2012 off and running with a bang !
2014 Build it They will Come !
2018 Think Big !
Happy New Year ! 2015 Here i come
Happy New Year 2017 !
Off to a Great Start 2016 !
Snowball Effect ! 2013
The Great Outdoors
up and running
Well Deserved Time Off !
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What a Sight To Remember !

Dreams due come true with action ....
Enjoy the sunset !
Awesome shot of the sun going down at the beach in florida ,where it is warm

Planing of the site

Welcome to my first of many personal journeys in my business blog that i am so excited to share with my visitors and customers alike,it has been a uphill battle the last year with many bumps in the road and to clear.
 But i made it with great customers and with out my dear wifes support and kids that i love dearly...The new year is so exciting for Dan the handyman and for starters the website is up and running ....just a few tweaks here and there and i will be off to the races,remember set goals for yourself and never ever quit....
                The Sky is The Limit!
Sky is the limit with Dan The Handyman          Talk to you soon Dan