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Spring is in the air :-)
New Year is welcomed with open arms 2019
2017 Here we come !
New Year 2016
2015 here i come !


2012 off and running with a bang !
2014 Build it They will Come !
2018 Think Big !
Happy New Year ! 2015 Here i come
Happy New Year 2017 !
Off to a Great Start 2016 !
Snowball Effect ! 2013
The Great Outdoors
up and running
Well Deserved Time Off !
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My Blog

Spring is in the air :-)

Looking forward to getting my New boat and putting her in this place of zen and peaceful setting 

Stay tuned for the big catch pics soon :-)
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New Year is welcomed with open arms 2019

Up that rigging, you monkeys! Aloft! There's no chains to hold you now. Break out those sails and watch them fill with the wind that's carrying us all to freedom! 

Great saying and from a famous movie ! 

This year will be better then ever and exciting indeed . Wishing all the best out there that follow me and my adventures and remember to always Think Big and your dreams will come true with Action !

Like my new Baby 
Dark Knight Rises :-)

Daniel Immediato

Dan the Handyman LLC

2017 Here we come !

Well , Happy New Year to all my followers and friends I have and gained in this business venture off mine , last year the business had some ruff patches and was able to use miracle grow lol and when I fell I landed on my back so I could still be able to say the sky is the limit.

For me this company of mine I never gave up on and having a customer base that grows and becomes like a second family is so rewarding to me its truly a blessing and not without saying that I have a bunch of great contractors in the business that have become friends with and not competitors in my field of work ,and that keeps growing also.

Moving forward with the chin up I have some great goals this year and will keep everyone informed ,even my friends over seas that visit my sight , I find that so rewarding too !

May all your Dreams come true with Action! and believing in ourselves and loving one another !

God Speed , and Strength and Honor ! 

Dan Immediato

Dan the Handyman LLC


New Year 2016

Hi To all my customers and friend's and followers around the world , I'm grateful and humbled by all your support and believing in a man and his vision , and from scratch can build a dream with action !

been in business now over 5 years and with hard work and determination last year was the first year my company has seen a little profit , To some that might not mean anything , but to others that have a small business that is a lot and they know they hit a milestone .

With that comes many more exciting things , business loans ,recognized amongst your peers , and the customer base keeps building and by the way this is without advertising ,yes my website works the magic :-) .

So there are still many goals to get to ,and I will always keep you posted when I reach them.

Remember no man is a failure when he has Friends ,followers and Customers :-)

God Speed to All that keep the torch burning for this man and his Vision !

Your Bud Dan the Handyman    


2015 here i come !

P1110758Happy New Year ! 
To all my Friends and Customers and not least many followers of my blogs , I thank you for your support and well wishes to my continued building this Awesome business and Dream of mine.
Last year was a very difficult year for me personally , I lost a dear friend that was to young to leave us, but he had medical issues that where not handled well ,and he was a man that did not enjoy going to the doctor.
So his death in the summer hit me very hard and my business took a turn for the worse , I lost many new customers and got very depressed and angry with myself wishing I could off done more. But then I realized something very important to me that means the world to me today.
And that is it was to easy to quit and throw in the towel, See Failure is to easy anyone can do it, But it is very important to have a dream to act on too, and set those goals ,When we cross them it is so exciting and you look forward to the next.
So 2015 will be a great year for us all. Set those goals a little bit higher and Dream Big !
Talk to all soon .   God Speed to all and Strength and Honor !
                        Sincerely Yours Dan
This post is dedicated and in memory of my dear friend I lost last year!  R.I.P Tony  6/19/14

Another Job well done !

P1110783 Another Job well doneWell !  Dan was spotted again on another job !
This one was a custom deck in the back yard ,you can see pics at my photo page on my website,
Hope everyone has got over there snowy winter blues ,was a ugly one for sure ,but there is always that bright spring ahead  and summer vacations :-)
on my front still moving forward with my dreams of flipping homes and building Dan The Handyman LLC and venturing with partners in the field.
I have come across many great opportunities that I will be putting into place this year to better position myself for the future business ventures I will be seeking I always know to move one step at a time and the next will become sound ,Why my foundation is solid as a rock !
Thank you all for your feed back and support !
Yours Truly Dan

Happy New Year to all my followers and friends !

IMAG1050 (3)Yep !  thats me in the summer last year :-) 
Wanted to remind us spring and summer is right around the corner ,well there might still be a little snow coming here and there but do not let that get you down ,Dan the handyman is here to help us all get through it ...
Very exciting year coming for me that is building like i am on the top of a mountain and picking up that snow and making a snowball and letting it roll down the hill That is called as many entrepreneurs would say The Snowball effect ,with Action and just doing it.
  You will grow if you never give up ,my friends Failure is not a option with you if you want it .Remember i am a true believer in one step at a time means down the road you will reap the rewards you put into it ..
Remember setting goals are key too ! and this year # 1 priorty for Dan The Handyman LLC is Capital and that is moving forward as i type , I also want those that need a little push in the right derection to look at a powerful video that changed my way of life and thinking and hope it does for you.
        No Thanking me needed , I am blessed he came into my life at this time .
                                           Thank you Mike

Light at The End of This Road !

Well what can i say it has been a very busy spring and summer for Dan the handyman ,LLC ...
That is right LLC Now ! Been working on my customer base building and moving on all fronts including a Truck to take me to the next level ...
This year has been very exciting and look forward to the fall and winter ,Where if there is snow Dan The Handyman will be ready with snow blowers and roof shovels for my customers that need me ,And they know i am just a phone call away...
Talk to you soon and this man's dreams are coming true with Action !

Holiday Season

Wishing everyone a great Thanksgiving and holiday season , I have been very busy
 with my business moving foreword and could not say enough about my customer base that is building .
Without them and there Awesome feedbacks about me and recommending me to others Speaks Volumes and i Thank them from the bottom of my heart....
My new year goals are many and very exciting for sure !
 So wishing all who stop by and my dear customers and future ones
                                            A healthy and happy holiday season
                                                Yours Truly  Dan The Handyman

The Big Dig !

My next job is just starting ,Installing a very nice size pond with one large waterfall and a bridge across the smaller waterfall towards the front of the pond...
The digging is all done and i could not be more happy with that step completed because what could of been a major 
snag in our way ! A huge huge rock that would not move, was finally lifted out and will be part of the pond surrounding landscape...
The liner was placed 25' by 25' a biggy ! and we added a shallow area so the fish could come up to feed from the larger deeper area ,Very cool...
The water was added and started building the rocks around the edges and waterfall area,the hoses are hooked up to the pump and filter and clamps and connections are secure...
All electric connections are hooked up to a outdoor GFCI outlet with lid and
was tested and working Great !
The final touches should be done this weekend if the weather is nice :-)
will add the rest of the rocks and pebbles around the edges of the pond and put some in the pond itself ....
I will be posting pictures soon,so make sure you check back ....
                      Dan The Handyman